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JCB is excited to share a range of our BIM models via BIMstore.

Choose or search for a BIM model from the options, these can be accessed and downloaded free-of-charge here: SEARCH BIM LIBRARY
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Building information modelling.

BIM is a programme used to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain buildings and diverse physical infrastructures. The main sectors served include water, refuse, electricity, gas, communication utilities, roads, railways, bridges, ports and tunnels.


One of the key concepts of BIM is that the user can import pre-made 'objects' into their construction project in a standard file format without having to draw them from scratch.

The difference between BIM and any other traditional 3D design software is that BIM can be used to model the whole construction project from concept to occupation, and even future maintenance and deconstruction. BIM models allow for more efficient project planning, designing and management of buildings and infrastructure.


Having a library of BIM models available means construction projects can be planned more easily and efficiently.

JCB BIM models offer the ability to allow contractors and rental companies to anticipate and highlight any potential on-site challenges. This information can then be used to reduce risk from the beginning of the project, allowing for increased efficiency and safety for the project in question.


The BIM concept allows for a complete 'virtual' construction to take place step-by-step in advance of any physical work.

For example a scissor lift could be used in a virtual environment to prove it can reach a particular area of the building for initial build and also future maintenance. Having proved it virtually, the contractor or ultimate building occupier then knows that this brand and model of scissor lift is capable of performing.

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