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JCB is an amazing place to work. It’s challenging, exciting and fun. When you’re at the beginning of your career, choosing the right employer is the most important decision you’ll make. At JCB you’ll learn from the best people, be well rewarded and enjoy a career that’s really going places.


Talented engineers are the lifeblood of JCB’s business. Our engineers are world-class innovators and problem-solvers. Based at some of the finest research facilities across the globe, our engineers design machines, engines and systems that make us a powerhouse of industry.


Property to Purchasing. HR to IT. Finance to Marketing, Sales and Service. Every role in every business area offers unique opportunities for you to make an impact on the world stage.


We work in partnership with Guidant Group on recruitment for manufacturing and production operatives at our Rocester, Cheadle, Uttoxeter, Rugeley, Foston and Wrexham sites – and many people who join JCB this way go on to become permanent employees. In fact, in 2018 more than 400 people have signed contracts.


JCB dealers offer some of the most rewarding careers in the industryIncluding Field Service Engineers, Sales roles in Parts, Service,New and Used Machinery. With over 300 machine models and a future inElectric and Hydrogen you will be in the driving seat of your career.If you are passionate about customer service and  want to grow your careerwith a JCB dealer then your search starts here!

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