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Access less emissions

Lift greater loads, in a greener way with a JCB articulated boom lift. 

Articulated booms from JCB give you more strength, more flexibility and a more sustainable way of working. Eliminate emissions with the fully electric A45E, or switch things up with the hybrid A45EH - with these articulated boom lifts, no area is out of reach.

An articulated boom is an access lift with a segmented, pivoting boom arm, meaning they're able to reach up and over obstacles. Also known as a knuckle boom or a cherry picker, these nimble machines allow you to work in the smallest, tightest and most challenging areas.

What makes an articulated boom better?

If you're considering an articulated boom platform vs. a telescopic alternative, there are several articulated benefits that make them a more versatile choice for your site.

  • Manoeuvrable in any direction: this increased dexterity allows you to reach up, over and around obstacles so you can work in a more versatile and agile way. Plus, the tight turning radius allows for more precise placement.
  • Fully adjustable: articulated booms can reach as high or low as you need to suit every level of build.
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces: thanks to their adjustability and manoeuvrability, articulated booms can access the hardest to reach areas - so they can meet the demands of the most challenging tasks.
  • Suitable for indoor use: whether it's the E-TECH or hybrid, both JCB articulated boom models offer electric operation - making them quieter to run and safe to use under cover.
  • Easily transportable: JCB articulated booms are easier to transport than telescopic booms due to their compact size and manoeuvrability. This is especially helpful for rental companies or others who regularly move heavy machinery between sites.

Designed with safety in mind

Every JCB machine has a reputation for safety - and our articulated booms are no exception.

Both come complete with a secondary guarding system, puncture proof tyres, emergency override and load monitoring sensors to ensure basket loads always remain within the safety margins. All these features and more mean there's nothing to worry about when your operator steps on the platform. Ready to reach higher?

Contact us to learn more about purchasing a JCB articulated boom lift - or use the Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you.

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