gà chọi c1 sv388

Excavator Pallet Forks

Fork Length
1200 mm
Fork width
50 - 1050 mm
424 kg

Floating Forks

Fork length
1067 mm
Fork thickness
40 - 50 mm
Fork width
80 - 100 mm

Fork Positioners

Carriage type
Fork pin diameter
50 - 57 mm
Fork width
100 mm

Industrial Forks

Fork length
1067 - 1220 mm
Fork thickness
45 - 50 mm
Fork width
100 - 125 mm

Precision Placer

The new Precision Placer encourages less machine movements with fork positioning from 299mm to 1013mm, increasing productivity, safety and reducing fuel consump...
Fork Positioning
299 - 1013mm
Lift Capacity
Side Shift (from centre)
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